27. Februar 2020

Agile for Hardware am 1. Juli 2020

Agile for Hardware München

Gemeinsam mit der Gladwell Academy starten wir am 1. Juli 2020 die „Agile for Hardware“ in München – eine englischsprachige Trainingskonferenz für Agile- und Lean-Methoden, sowohl für die Entwicklung physischer und mechatronischer als auch von Software-Produkten.

The advantages of working Agile have been a revolution for software development – and later for services-oriented businesses too. Why is the world of hardware development now suddenly becoming so eager to follow suit? Because, finally, it can. Want to find out how? We are happy to announce that the Agile for Hardware Conference 2020 will be held in Munich on July 1st, followed by a 2-day Agile for Hardware course. Want to join the event, or the course, or both? Click to visit the website here and get your tickets now!