Without effective strategic governance, there is no effective and efficient product creation. This governance consists of one or several core strategies, such as a functional strategy, product strategy or technology strategy. Working with you, we develop the approaches that best suit your business.

Steering product creation in the right direction

All measures designed to improve product creation will be futile if your company pursues the wrong strategy and develops products without regard to market demand. This is why you need adequate strategic management. We support you in developing one or several of the necessary elements:

R&D functional strategy

The functional strategy is strictly derived from the business unit strategy. It defines how exactly R&D contributes to the implementation of these strategies.

Innovation strategy

With an innovation strategy anchored in the overall strategy, you take into account future trends, enabling you to clearly define innovation fields.

Product strategy

A product strategy, updated at regular intervals, will help you develop a product portfolio that enables you to remain competitive in the long run.

Technology strategy

In a technology strategy, you plan for the future: It allows you to develop and prepare technologies required to realize future products in time.

Platform and module strategy

Platform and module strategies enable you to produce the widest possible product range, at minimum cost and with high quality.

Core competence based partner strategy

Focus on those of your company's strengths that are critical to success and define the cooperation with strategic partners and engineering service providers in your partner strategy.

The right strategies for efficient product creation
  • Powerful product creation is based on adequate strategic governance.
  • Strategic governance consists of one or several core strategies.