Holistic Consulting

A holistic consulting approach focuses on the systematic relationships of strategy, processes and organization – enabling you to achieve sustainable success.

Holistic consulting for successful product creation

Successful product creation requires a cross-functional and comprehensive management system: Only companies that continue to improve in terms of strategy, processes and organization achieve sustainable success. Our holistic approach takes into account the systematic relationships between all fields of competence: strategy determines processes, and the organization must support these processes.

But practices in these three fields also need a strong foundation. This is why our consulting is based on principles that ensure a uniform direction for thought and action. This offers managers and employees reliable guidelines.

Another pillar of our consulting approach is our maturity model. It enables us to take stock of the situation and determine the current maturity level of your product creation organization. At the same time, the analysis shows you the path of logical development: It specifies necessary practices in strategy, processes and organization that will raise your maturity level and make your organization more powerful.

The mission statement forms the roof of our “consulting house”: It represents your objectives, self-image and principles. Internally, it provides direction. Externally, it communicates what the product creation organization stands for and what it contributes to customer and business success.

holistic consulting
Holistic consulting drives your business
  • Successful product creation management is interdisciplinary and holistic: strategy, processes and organization.
  • This triad stands on a strong foundation of principles.
  • Our maturity model provides you with a self-evaluation and points out the path of logical development.